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GTA V Info

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GTA V Info

Post by GTA-Monster on Thu Jan 24, 2013 12:38 am

#01 Meet Michael
Star of the first trailer, Michael is a former bank robber who's living in luxury after signing a witness relocation deal. Despite his elegant pad andfast cars, however, he's bored. His wife hates him, his kids are going off the rails and his money is running out. Time for a free-form crime-spree?

#02 When can you start?
The sprawling GTA V map covers an area the size of GTA: San Andreas, GTA IV and Red Dead Redemption put together - presumably so Rockstar North can cramin all manner of fighter jet hi-jinks. Returning areas include the Vinewood Hills, the muscle gyms of Vespucci Beach, Mt. Chilliad and a lot of rugged San Andrean scenery.

#03 Tune in to Weazel
As ever, you can expect a full roster of radio stations and TV channels to tune into - hopefully featuring the stirring return of Republican Space Rangers and Vinewood [Expletive Deleted]. Oh Rockstar, how we've missed you...
#04 Three is the magic number
GTA V lets you control threecharacters. There's Michael the (semi) retired career criminal, Trevor the psychotic military veteran, and Franklin - a fast guy trickster climbing up the ranks of the Los Santos crime ladder. You can leap into control of them at any time, taking them over while they go about their daily business elsewhere on the map.
A Google Earth-style camerazooms down onto their bodies - whether they're driving around down-town, or sitting around watching Weazel News. When the three unitefor heist missions, meanwhile, you can flick between them as they carryout their criminal duties. You can take on the role you'd rather play, and rely on your fellow crims' AI to pull off their own capers. It's a three-way buddy movie, where the scenery ignites even more than usual...

#05 Slight return
GTA V is set in the same world as GTA IV in terms of characters and events, but nothing that came before - so don't expect to see San Andreas' CJ. That said - familiar brands Cluckin' Bell,Burger Shot and Ammu-Nation are here to stay.
#06 In the garage
The list of vehicles that you will be able to career into walls in GTA V is vast: cars,trucks, jet skis, ATVs, fighter jets, planes, helicopters, dirt bikes, BMX bikes, mountain bikes, racing bikes... If you can think it, or it has 'bike' somewhere in the name, you will be able to drive it.

#07 Public nuisance
Random pedestrian irritating you? Well, now Rockstar will letyou casually flick them the bird! You'll get different reactions though - waving a mid-digit at a posh lady in a nice area of town will horrify, but doing the same to a rough and tumble biker could end in violence...

#08 Music maestros please
In former GTA gamesyour violence was solely serenaded by licensed tunes - but GTA V is backing up the radio stations with an interactive score. Expect a few octaves of orchestraldrama.

#09 Boom time
A constant joy of GTAis drawing the policeinto bloody stand-offs. Now, though, you can lure them into fiery deathtraps.Just pour petrol froma jerry can over the pavement and over vehicles, wait for your prey to arrive and drop a Zippo lighter at the right moment. Voilà! Instant inferno.

#10 Bum note
When Trevor first appears in the GTA V storyline, we're greeted by him doing a rather noisy poo. The more GrandTheft Auto changes, the more it stays the same...

#11 Combat evolved
This is something that we hear on eachand every iteration of Grand Theft Auto -but Rockstar solemnly swears that the mechanics of both melee combat and gunfire have been significantly improved since the days of GTA IV's Niko Bellic.

#12 Waistline wasted
Strange people who reminisce about San Andreas' CJ eating loads of burgers and getting flabby will be disappointed. GTAV won't keep track of your fitness, fatness or, indeed, any player-built finesse. Each character comes as is, with his own strengths and weaknesses, and a shared propensity for violence.

#13 Suspension disbelief
Car handling in Liberty City wasn't perfect, and even Rockstar supremo Dan Houser admits that vehicles could feel a little 'boat-like'. GTA V, however,will feel a lot closer to a racing game - with your speeding Infernus hugging onto the corners.

#14 Fair game
GTA: San Andreas was notable for its big-name cameos like Samuel L. Jackson and Shaun Ryder. The only celebs you'll encounter here are potential hook-ups with the crowd you once met in GTA IV's Liberty City.

#15 Underwater love
If you're fed up of being on dry land all the time - why not go for a swim? The entire ocean floor is now a part of the ridiculously detailed map. This leads us towonder whether submarines will be included in the game. And, indeed, sharks... Cue Jaws theme tune.
#16 FFS Roman
Your mobile won't constantly buzz with friends pleading for attention. But that doesn't mean that Michael can't grab a friend for a game of tennis. Every character has an individual set of hobbies - including golf, base-jumping, yoga, triathlons and jet-skiing. Yes: yoga.

#17 Everyone be cool, this is a robbery
The highlight of GTA IV was the Three Leaf Clover bank job with Packie and his hoodlum, and the panicked subway aftermath. Rockstar wants to capitalise on this - with missions building up to six intensely planned heists.
#18 Meet Trevor
Trevor is a maniac, and as such his chain of missions are likely the most chaotic, insane and pyrotechnic. He's a drug addict, a murderer and quite insane - living in ramshackle accommodation at the heart of Blaine County amidst a legion of loners, drifters and bikers. His skills as a former military pilot, meanwhile, will no doubt come in useful...

#19 Tri-Force
No confirmation from Rockstar, but the three-pronged approach to missions heavily infers co-op. Could one player fly that escape chopper as Trevor, while another fires his rifle out of the window as Michael - and a buddy as Franklin headshots enemy helicopter pilots with a sniper rifle?

#20 Supporting cast
Michael, Franklin and Trevor each have a band of lunatics as an entourage. Lamar is Franklin's maniac buddy, while Trevor's best mate is Ron the paranoid conspiracy theorist. Michael, meanwhile, must contend with his bitchy wife Amanda and his son James - a comedy dope-smoking foil to his straight man act.

#21 Random encounters
GTA V has clearly learned oodles from Red Dead - and this shows nowhere more than the random events you come across as you explore. There are money vans to commandeer, muggers to apprehend, dead bodies to investigate, stranded motorists to rescue and hitch-hikers.

#22 Shopping list
There's an economy in the game, but it's not as elaborate as in some previous GTA titles. You can get new clothes for your character, like you could in GTA IV, but not new houses.

#23 Whatcha gonna do?
GTA V is very much a homage to action movies, and it's likely you'll see elements of familiar Hollywood set-pieces appear in-game. One such event is a chase behind a car transporter that's hurling its cargo back towards you - a problem once faced by Will Smith and Martin Lawrence in Bad Boys.

#24 Prisoner Break
A key mission will see Michael, Trevor and Franklin temporarily recruited by the FIB to liberate a captive that's been secured by a rival agency. It's epic. You fly a helicopter down-town, rappel down ropes, swing through skyscraper windows and make your escape with the hostage.

This being GTA V, however, you can control any of the three maniacs involved. You can be up-close and personal in the building as Michael, flying the chopper as Trevor or looking through the sights of Franklin's sniper rifle across the street. Stick with one character, or swap between them - the choice is yours.

#25 Dog!
There's a dog! A friendly Rottweiler will accompany you on some of your travels through Los Santos. Whether it will be able to get in the car with you and stick its head out of the window with its tongue out while you drive is as yet unconfirmed.

#26 Gravity is your friend
The action set-pieces of GTA V are completely insane. At one point you drive a van through the open cargo door of a plane flying over Los Santos. You can leap out of

the van door to open your parachute, or just enjoy the ride down to terra-firma.

#27 All about the money
GTA V's theme is the US love of money, focusing squarely on the haves and have nots. The high-rise Downtown offices and luxury pads of Vinewood square up against the cash-strapped and homeless of Blaine County, and the dismal Los Santos suburbs. The dollar bill stylings of the logo are there for a reason...

#28 Drain on society
The Los Santos spin on LA's famous storm drains will certainly appear should you fancy a traffic-free short-cut. Will Franklin, who's generally the driving character, have a Terminator 2 lorry vs. bike chase through them though? Sometimes the old tricks are the best...

#29 Murder Express
There are trains in GTA V which can crash quite spectacularly. Some even thunder down the middle of the freeway. Might they help you travel around the vast map as they once did in GTA III? It certainly wouldn't be too much of a step up from the nun-crushing rail network of RDR.

#30 Meet Franklin
Franklin is a crim on the way up - a smooth-talking con-artist who begins the game working for a group of Armenians who've created a sports car hustle. They sell luxury cars to people who can't afford them, and he collects money with the threat of violence. So, unlike GTA IV, it's likely you'll be cruising in fast cars from the start.

#31 Walk with the animals
Another direct feed from Red Dead Redemption will be the addition of animals into the Grand Theft Auto ecosystems. When you're hiking up in the foothills around Mt. Chilliad you'd be advised to watch out for coyotes. Let's hope there are no bears. We still find ourselves having cowboy nightmares.

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Re: GTA V Info

Post by TheGodfather on Fri Jan 25, 2013 10:35 pm

Well that's a great list out there buddy....Really can't wait for the GTA V Release..

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Re: GTA V Info

Post by TheTruthsJustice on Mon Jan 28, 2013 1:18 am

Nice list there buddy. It was very informative _B


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Re: GTA V Info

Post by ayushman on Mon Jan 28, 2013 9:55 am

Very nice & useful info..


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Re: GTA V Info

Post by TheSpookyMan on Wed Jul 10, 2013 1:46 pm

Wow! great info there GTA Monster. I hope there would be some animals in GTA V.

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Re: GTA V Info

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