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Post by TheGodfather on Thu Nov 29, 2012 9:14 pm

Once again a welcome to our forums.This site is mainly based on modding of gta series,but it also content many things.There are special category for modding.There is site suggestion topic for giving us suggestion about our site.There is a section where you can make your multiplayer group or get recruited by other groups.There is a DYOM section for posting DYOM mission.If you want to know cheats,walkthroughs etc go to the GTA board & select which GTA you want.Remmeber no spamming or mod stealing.

If you want to make publicity of your site first PM any of the ADMINS add our site link to your site
Then only you can make publicity of your site. Razz
Site Rules

As a part of GTA MODS MANIA you are required to follow all the set rules. Violation/breech of any rules will have consequences and will be dealt with accordingly.

Posting a Topic You should have to post all the topics in its right section otherwise it is MOVED to its right section ~ There are set categories for each type of topic, if you post in the wrong forum it will simply be moved.

Spamming If someone is spamming in your topic,in your pm,or in forums then contact administrator or moderator for help ~ If you see any spamming going on around the forums report it to a Moderator or Administrator (we are hoping for a "Report" button in the near future)

Also one word posts (including smiles) are considered as spam

Banned group If you are spamming,flaming,mod stealing ,etc.Then you can get banned or we will give you a warning ~ Any type of spam post, flaming, showing off a mod and claining it as your own (or modifing without the owners consent) will not be tolerated.

Mod Stealing You can post others mod here but giving credits to its original other.If you not give credits then you will get a warning ~ As said in the previous rule, do not steal, modify or claim someone elses mod as your own and also give credit when it is due.

Flaming Don't do flaming especially in our site because it is checked by our staff members ~ Couldn't be easier, don't flame. This involves offencive, rasist and sexual comments towards other members will not be tolerated.

Pornography Do not post any Pornographic material ~ This may very well result in a 3 day ban for the first offence, breeching this rule again and you will get a full ban. Pornography of any type will NOT tolerated, this includes posting images and links.

Impersonating staff, other member and Rockstar staff Making accounts and impersonating staff members, other members and Rockstar staff will not be taken likely and will result in a full ban of that account.

Alternate Accounts Do not make alternate accounts ~ This will result in a full ban for any alternate account you make and you will be given a warning for the first offence.

Piracy/warez Do not post links for warez and any type of Pirated downloads.

Signature/Avatars The guildlines for Signatures and Avatars can be found here [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Signatures must be within the region of 500 x 150 (Pixels)

Smiles Please keep smiles to a minimum

Chat Box Rules

The chat box has the normal forum rules applied (Above) but there is one extra rule to follow when posting in the chat box

Please note the first/second offense will result in a simple kick but constantly braking the rules will end up in a temp ban from the chat box (you will receive a PM on the reason for the ban and the date the ban will be lifted, if however you continue to brake rules you will receive a full ban from the Chat box

Images When posting images they must not exceed 100 x 50 (Pixels) so if they exceed the limit post a link instead

YouTube Videos Don't post YouTube videos in the chat box, post a link instead

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