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Frequently Asked questions.

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Frequently Asked questions. Empty Frequently Asked questions.

Post by TheGodfather on Thu Nov 29, 2012 9:48 pm

Here's a little FAQ to help you find info more easily without having to waste your time posting the question and waiting around for a reply. If anyone thinks of anything that should be added, go ahead and post it as a replay to this. I'll try to edit the first post here every so often to keep everything in one spot.

What was changed as a result of 9.11?
Not as much as most people seem to think. All that was edited were the police car colors, and a few lines of text/ped dialouge. Note, I heard this straight from Adam Davidson, lead analyst at Rockstar NY, so it is fact, and not my opinion.

Where is the "full-wing dodo", and can i fly it or shoot it down?
The "Full-wing dodo" can be seen flying around the north side of Portland and the mountains of Shoreside. It cannot be flown, and is generally more of a scenery object. For all practical purposes it's not solid, however a well-placed rocket will blow it up, giving you an automatic 4 wanted stars.

Where's the Maibatsu Monstrosity?
Only in the commercials on the in-game radio i'm afraid. This was done to poke fun at the SUV craze, and is not a real vehicle in the game.

How do I fly the regular Dodo?
Try [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]. Alltho it was made for the PS2 version, it will still be useful. You'll just have to figure out the difference between the buttons, which isn't that hard.

Where can I find Mr. Whoopee?!
The best place to find the elusive ice cream truck is in the area around the Columbian's mansion. It's a rather random thing, so you may have to drive around the area for a while before it shows up. Also, if you do enough firefighter missions, you'll run across one eventually. Then again, you could also just keep the one from that El Burro mission. ;)

How do I beat *insert mission name here*?
Well, there are just too many missions to go over here. Try, or the Gameplay Help board a few clicks up from this one.

My player keeps walking in circles, what gives?
Chances are, you're using a Logitech Wingman gamepad. If so, make sure the little throttle slider thingy is set right in the center. Or if you're using a different gamepad, make sure all the axis' are centered properly.

I use WindowsXP, and the text in game is covered by boxes!
Download the XP patch mentioned in the readme.

Why can't I load a saved game?
Well, if you're using warez, that's the problem. If not, it may be beause you are logged onto your computer under a different name, your savegame is corrupted, or you may have changed some settings since you last played with that save. There can also be conflicts with other app's running in the background, such as virus scanners.

How do I do a drive-by shooting?
First, you'll need to get yourself an uzi. Once you have the uzi, get in a car and hit the "look left" or look right" button and start shooting. The buttons change according to how you setup your keys, but they are "Q" and "E" by default.

Where is the fourth island?
There is no real fourth island. The closest thing to it would be the area commonly referred to as "Ghost Town", which in reality is nothing more than the part used in the opening cutscene. If you want to see it anyway, just fly a dodo north, over the mountains in SSV, and try to follow the road on the map which appears to go through the blocked off tunnels. However, even if you get there, you will find that none of the buildings or ground there are solid. Also, if you continue flying north, you will see a few of the programmers names embeded in the map. They don't do anything special, they're pretty much the designer's way of signing their work. ;)

How do I get some action from the hookers?
First, get yourself pretty much any car that's not a convertible, police car, ambulance, or taxi. Then just pull up next to one of them, wait for them to get in, and drive to a secluded area.

How do I get the gangs to like me again?
Well, to put it simply, you don't. The only way to do so involves editing the games data files.

Who is, and where can i find a character named Darkel?"
Darkel is a character who was originally intended to give you the Rampage missions. In the end, the game's makers felt that they liked the skull-icon system better, and removed him from the game. The model and graphics files are still in the game however,as well as the actor who portrayed him's name in the credits. I think the graphics are just there because the makers didn't feel like wasting time to remove them. The voice credits are still there because the actor still did the work, regardless of the fact the character was cut later.

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Frequently Asked questions. Empty Re: Frequently Asked questions.

Post by TheGodfather on Sun Feb 17, 2013 1:33 pm

*Updated if anyone needs..Wink

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